<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1255"?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <title> :   </title> <meta name="keywords" content="Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Ji Quan, Taijiquan, T'ai Chi Ch uan, Taichi Chuan, Chi kong, Qigong, Qi gong, Hwa to, Hua to, Hua tou, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, five animals play, Five Animal Frolics, Martial art, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Hifa, Kfar Hanasi, Rosh Pina, Haim Bender, Shiu-Lien, , ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   ,   ' ', -',  ,  ', ',  ,  , ' ,  ,   ,   ,  , ,  , ,  ,  ,  , , ,  ,  ,  ,  ,"/> <meta name="description" content="The martial art Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kong Five Animal Frolics and Acupuncture as was transmitted to Dr. Haim Bender during 13 years of study from Kou Ting Hsien in Taiwan.            7 ,   - 17    '   .       (Kou Ting Hsien)      ,       .           ' '   (' )   .       ." /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1255" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="../style.css" type="text/css" /> </head> <body> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td height="55" colspan="3" valign="middle" background="../../../images/tile_upper5.gif" class="pos1"> <div class="topbox"> <h2 align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF"><strong>  </strong></font></h2> </div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2" bordercolor="#FFD700" class="topnav"> <tr> <td align="left" class="head"> //<a href="../index.html" title="E>4">E>4</a>/;8=8:0</td> <td align="right"> <a class="topmenu" href="../taichi/taichi.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; "09-'8 GC0=L &nbsp;&nbsp;</a> <a class="topmenu" href="../animals/animals.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; &83C= 3@K ?OB8 725@59&nbsp;&nbsp;</a> <a class="topmenu" href="../clinic/clinic.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; ;8=8:0 &nbsp;&nbsp;</a> <a class="topmenu" href="../general/contact.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; !2O70BLAO A =0<8 &nbsp;&nbsp;</a> <a class="topmenu" href="../articles/magazine.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; @5AA0 &nbsp;&nbsp;</a> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="150" align="left"> <a class="topmenu" href="../../en/general/contact.html">&nbsp;Contact Us&nbsp;</a> <a class="topmenu" href="../../he/index.html">&nbsp;  &nbsp;&nbsp;</a> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <!-- begin RightMenu --> <td valign="top" width="150"> <a name="clinic_rightmenu" id="clinic_rightmenu"></a> <br /> <div class="headbox">;8=8:0  </div> <a class="rightmenu" href="clinic.html" title="'   "><strong>intro</strong></a> <a class="rightmenu" href="clinic_lineage.html" title="     ">0A;5485 %C0-"></a> <a class="rightmenu" href="bhappy.html" title="CE, @04>ABL 687=8 8 42865=85 2 1>@L15 A 1>;57=LN">CE, @04>ABL 687=8 8 42865=85 2 1>@L15 A 1>;57=LN</a> <a class="rightmenu" href="patuanjin.html" title="            ' ">>A5<L :CA:>2 ?0@G8</a> <a class="rightmenu" href="clinic_diploma.html" title="   ">8?;><K</a> <a class="rightmenu" href="../articles/magazine.html" title=" ">@5AA0</a> <a class="rightmenu" href="../general/contact.html" title="5AB0 8 2@5<5=0 70=OB89">5AB0 8 2@5<5=0 70=OB89</a><br /> <p /> <!-- end RightMenu --> <a name="logo" id="logo"></a> <div class="dynacontent"> <div align="center"> <a href="../index.html"><img src="../../../images/logo_huato_142_ru.gif" width="100" height="142" border="0" /></a><br /></div> <br /><br /> <div class="dynacontent"> </div> </div><p></p><p></p> </td> <td valign="top"> <br /> <td valign="top"> <br /> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td width="10"></td> <td valign="top" bordercolor="#FFD700" class="mainbox"> <br /> <h2 align="center">A=>2=K5 A2545=8O > :8B09A:>9 <548F8=5 </h2> <p align="justify">5A<>B@O =0 AB@5<8B5;L=K9 ?@>3@5AA =0C:8, 5ABL <=>65AB2> >1;0AB59 2 :>B>@KE C A>2@5<5==>9 <548F8=K =5B C4>2;5B2>@8B5;L=KE @5H5=89. 8B09A:0O <548F8=0 8AE>48B 87 <8@>2>77@5=8O ?@8=F8?80;L=> >B;8G=>3> >B 70?04=>3>. (>;LH5 >1 8AB>@88 8 D8;>A>D88 :8B09A:>9 <548F8=K 2 <a href="http://www.tapuz.co.il/tapuzforum/main/articles.asp?id=24&art_id=11" target="_blank" class="dash">:>@>B:>9 AB0BL5</a> /M;O ;09<5=0) </p> <p align="justify">!8;L=> C?@>I0O, <>6=> A:070BL, GB> 2 A>>B25BAB288 A> 273;O4>< :8B09A:>9 <548F8=K ?@8G8=>9 1>;57=59 O2;O5BAO =0@CH5=85 B5G5=8O F8 2 B5;5.  1>;LH8=AB25 A;CG052 ?@8G8=>9 1>;57=8 O2;O5BAO 8<5==> 70:C?>@:0 :0=0;>2 8 2K720==>5 59 70<54;5=85 B5G5=8O F8. 3;>C:0;K20=85  MB> >48= 87 A0<KE MDD5:B82=KE A?>A>1>2 2>7459AB28O =0 F8 2 >@30=87<5.</p> <p align="justify"> 07;8G0NBAO 2 MB0?0 2 0:C?C=:BC@=>< 2>7459AB288 =0 B5;>: </p> <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0"> <tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr> <tr> <td width="8%" valign="top"><strong>1.&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></td> <td><p align="justify">2545=85 83;K 2 0:C?C=:BC@=CN B>G:C (2 A>>B25BAB288 A 4803=>7><) ?><>305B B5;C A?@028BAO A 70:C?>@:>9.</p></td> </tr> <tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr> <td width="8%" valign="top"><strong>2.&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></td> <td><p align="justify">">;G>: F8 ?0F85=B0 A ?><>ILN 83;K.  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"0: 65 5ABL 1>;55 45B0;L=K5 3@040F88 F8: F8 >B45;L=>3> >@30=0, ?@54=0B0;L=0O, ?@8>1@5B05<0O 8 B.4. 0: C 70?04=>9, B0: 8 C :8B09A:>9 <548F8=K 5ABL A2>8 A?5F8D8G5A:85 <5B>4K ;5G5=8O 8 C;CGH5=8O :0G5AB20 687=8.</p></div> <div align="center"><img src="../../../images/clinic_reception.jpg" width="200" height="133" border="1" /><br /></div> </div> <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0"> <tr class="dynacontent" align="justify"> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td align="justify"><p>2865=85 F8 A2O70=> A 42865=85< :@>28 8 O2;O5BAO G0ABLN A8AB5<K >1<5=0 25I5AB2. <br /><strong>>B =5A:>;L:> :;0AA8G5A:8E E0@0:B5@8AB8: F8</strong>:</p></td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify"># F8 =5B =8 F25B0, =8 D>@<K.</td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify">>340 F8 2 4>AB0B:5  :@>28 4>AB0B>G=> 8 B5;> A8;L=>.</td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify">@>2L 42865B F8, 0 F8 CA:>@O5B 42865=85 :@>28.</td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify">>340 B5;> A8;L=>, 0 A>7=0=85 C@02=>25H5==>, -- F8 CA8;8205BAO 8 =0?>;=O5B B5;> 687=LN.</td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify">>340 A5@4F5 =0G8=05B 18BLAO, A>7=0=85 ?@>AK?05BAO 8 F8 A;54C5B 70 =8<.</td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify">!5@4F5, A>7=0=85 8 F8 42830NB 4@C3 4@C6:C. >340 A5@4F5 =5 A?>:>9=>, -- A>7=0=85 @0AA58205BAO, 0 F8 8AB>I05BAO.</td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify">5@=> 8 >1@0B=>5: A;8 F8 =0:0?;8205BAO, -- A>7=0=85 A>A@54>B>G5==>, 0 A5@4F5 C@02=>25H5==></td> </tr> <tr class="dynacontent"> <td>" </td> <td align="justify">&8 2K@010BK205BAO >B =0?@O65=8O <564C :@09=8<8 B>G:0<8 B5;0: <564C AB>?>9 8 <0:CH:>9, A@54=8< ?0;LF5< 8 A54L<K< ?>72>=:><</td> </tr> </table> <p align="center"><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><a href="../general/contact.html" title="'0AK @01>BK 8 <5AB>@0A?>;>65=85 :;8=8:8" target="_blank" class="dash">'0AK @01>BK 8 <5AB>@0A?>;>65=85 :;8=8:8</a> <br /> <br /> </p> <!-- <h3 align="center"> </h3> <div class="dynacontent" align="center"> <br /> :    . </div> --> </div> </td> </tr> </table> <div align="left"><br /> </div></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr class="pos1"> <td height="25" colspan="2" align="right" background="../../../images/tile_lower5.gif" class="head"><div align="center"><a href="../general/copyrights.html" title="   " target="_blank"> <font color="#FFFFFF" size="2">&copy; &5=B@ %C0-">. 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